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Our tractor joysticks combine ergonomics, comfort and simplicity to let you easily control your front loaders, linkages and accessories. These three-function monolevers give you complete, single-movement control of your hydraulic control valves from the tractor cab.

The advantages of our tractor joysticks


At MX, the control joysticks have been designed to provide maximum comfort for the user. The positioning of the buttons has been designed to suit the natural position of the hand and fingers at the end of the armrest. The driver can identify the buttons intuitively by touch.

Our aim? To achieve the best relationship between a resting wrist position and finger-accessible features. To do this, we have placed the buttons in the perfect position for the thumb, index and middle finger.

What’s more, the flexibility and sensitivity of each of these tractor controls has been fine-tuned to enable intensive use while reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Ease of use

As simplicity of control is something everyone wants, we have limited the number of buttons on our tractor joysticks. They are colour-coded for easy identification and assigned to a single function. Movements of the loader monolever also allow other functions to be activated, limiting the need for finger pressure.

3-function monolevers

Each tractor joystick designed by MX offers a 3-function selector that lets you choose the front linkage operating mode:

  • Double Action facilitates heavy work (bulldozer blades, front cultivators, etc.).
  • Single Action is preferable for precise handling tasks (mowers, implements with furrow wheels, etc.).
  • Locking the linkage.

Our 3 types of tractor joystick

Our 3 types of tractor joystick

Our Flexpilot tractor joystick is designed to work with all types of hydraulic tractor system on the market. It provides users with a unit capable of combining the lifting and crowding functions.

The loader or linkage monolever operates a low-pressure hydraulic circuit that regulates the control valve spools while maintaining control of the oil flow rate.

The main advantages of this tractor joystick, which is very popular with our customers, are its flexibility, longevity (no wearing or maintenance parts) and reliability for sustained, intensive work.

Cable control

The Propilot System is a 3-function monolever that is much liked for its ease of use and affordable pricing.

The hydraulic control valve spools are controlled by cables. This tractor joystick can exploit the full versatility of MX loaders and their equipment. A simple cross movement allows all loader actions to be controlled with a single gesture.

3 customisable buttons can be added as an option.

The electronic joystick

MX has brought together a variety of exclusive technologies in its e-Pilot S tractor joystick.

Control of the hydraulic control valve spools uses an electrical coil, providing electronic control of the tractor equipment. Fitting of the joystick is tailored to your tractor and armrest. One practical advantage is that the handle is completely detachable.

The conventional functions of a hydraulic or cable control are enhanced and improved because:

  • 3 movements can be combined to increase your productivity in the field.
  • Shocks and vibrations are dampened or even eliminated.
  • The Auto-level function automatically returns implements to a pre-selected position at the touch of a button.

Note that the e-Pilot S is compatible with MX F300, A100, U400, T400 and TX400 series loaders.