• Type of hitch : 3 pts
  • Driving category : cat 2
  • Max width
  • 3.05 m
  • Overhang
  • 250 mm
The MX bumper: Multi-use and modular with customisable style


Tractor dimensions visible to other road users and from the driver's seat.
- Contour lights with integrated indicators for clear signalling at night and optimal warning of a change of direction. They are made from deformable plastic, and hinged for impact protection. - 4 LED position lights to accentuate and highlight the width of the machine. - Wide retro-reflective (up to 250 m) warning panels, effective both day and night. TPESC Class B approved markings.
Underrun protection side panels
The panels are width- and tilt-adjustable without tools, to match the size of the tractor. In the event of an underrun, the panels provide safety: • Deformable steel structure and broad bumper surface. • Panels are 50 cm high, giving better distribution of force in the event of an impact. • Panels begin to deform above 1,500 kg of force, to absorb the impact. • Fusible retraction (shear bolt) of panels if snagged when reversing.
Comfort on the move
The central guide pole and the 2 side marker poles allow a clear appreciation of the tractor's front overhang and facilitate assessment of its width. The side poles are mounted on pivots, allowing them to flex in the event of snagging.
Integral storage
Storage box integrated between the linkage arms, resulting in minimal overhang. Large capacity of 94 litres. Can be locked with a padlock.
Easy hitching
- 3-point, category 2 interface fitted with 4 lower pin positions. - Integrated 7-pin socket, with a 3 m male-to-male spiral cable for a neat, secure connection.
Integrated towing clevis with Ø30 mm pin and safety clip supplied as standard.
Not intended for hitching to a trailer.

Detailed specifications

Max width
3.05 m
250 mm
500 mm
550 mm
Type of hitch
3 pts
Driving category
cat 2
Equipment Compatibility
Integrated storage box between lift arms (94L)
Centre marker pin
Light kit + side markers
Side flap kit

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