Press release : U500 series, our brand-new range of loaders!

INNOVATION FOR AGRICULTURE: Discover the U500 series range of loaders, the new creation from MX, designed for your everyday challenges.

We are proud to introduce you to the U500 series range of loaders, a range designed to revolutionise your field work experience.

The result of continuous research, this new benchmark range reflects our uncompromising innovation. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers, both now and in the future.

The new U500 series range comprises 16 loader models, with or without parallelogram. It offers the perfect combination of lift height and power, for greater efficiency in your everyday handling needs.

What makes this range of loaders a game-changer?

The U500 series range brings design and innovation to the farm. The loader embodies the synergy of cutting-edge technology and everyday practical experience.

Revised ergonomics for increased efficiency

The U500 series range features completely revised ergonomics, placing visibility and simplicity at the heart of its
design. Thanks to ingenious features such as the mechanical parallelogram or the lowered cross-bar, the loader
offers outstanding visibility for both working and hitching.

Refined design that integrates seamlessly with the tractor

The U500 loader has a refined, integrated design that guarantees an optimal tractor-loader combination.
Hydraulic and electrical integration, combined with high quality finishes, provide exceptional durability and ease
of maintenance.

Proven quality and unparalleled versatility

Since its creation in 1951, quality has been the MX credo. The U500 is tangible proof of this. The loader structure
is thoroughly tested before delivery to ensure its performance and durability. The U500 is a reliable partner for
a variety of applications, from silage to handling operations.

Lots of compatible equipment

From AUTO-UNLOAD* to AUTO-LEVEL*, including powerful work lights (new), MX offers you the freedom to
customise your loader for optimal performance in any situation.



MX has developed an exclusive, revolutionary feature that eliminates restrictions and speeds up productivity: the 3rd function decompression system, for effortless implement connection and disconnection.
EASY-PLUG is an ingeneous system which, being easily accessible at the front of the loader, allows the 3rd function to be decompressed with a single action on the red lever.

Simplify operations and maximise efficiency with Easy-Plug!


  • more than 15 options available
  • more than 9,000 tractors compatible
  • less than 60 seconds to hitch/unhitch the loader


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